How to play joker gaming to make the jackpot explode

Playing gambling games in this day and age doesn’t have to invest to play far abroad. Friends can play easily at home or on the car. Playing games on mobile will make everyone excited. not equal to that Going to a casino slot abroad ever, especially with slot games with many games to choose from So people turn to play a lot of joker gaming slots because they are both easy to play. And there are a lot of jackpot giveaways. Today we will all look at how to play joker gaming to make the jackpot explode. How will it be? Let’s go see.

Play joker gaming to hit the jackpot

You have to know the timing of the spins to get more chances to win.

Slots have fairly stable payouts. In which each slot game has a different spin system. We need to know the timing of each spin, for example, mentally count 1-3 and press stop, increase the amount in the 10-15 spins, or press the spin repeatedly.

Choose a game with more than 4 horizontal lines.

Start playing slot The first thing you need to do is to enter the game. There is a small technique where you should be able to select horizontal rows. Or as they call it a payline that has more than 4 rows, if it is less, ask if you can as well, but from the statistics of the line, the prize to be issued is more than 4 rows, there will be a chance to win more line prizes.

Got the jackpot or the jackpot should change the game.

Any game that we play until the jackpot is broken or we get a big win, let’s change the game immediately. Please keep in mind that most of the slot games use a random system of giving out prizes and jackpots to players. If we just won the grand prize in that game. There is very little chance that we will be able to beat the same game again.

Move your capital from low to high.

From the record of playing slots games of all slots masters, it was found that most of the players who can make money from playing online slot are It will be a player who bets high and most of them gradually. Gradually climb the level from ascending, for example, during the first 20 turns, choose a spin at the rate of 50 baht / 1 spin, after a while, increase the money to 100 baht. 1x > 2x > 4x > 8x in steps

Set the interval and duration of each play.

Time to play is also important. From statistics, it was found that people who played with large prize money Usually play between 01.00 – 03.00 and should stay in the slot as long as possible. That is, should be slot playing for 30 minutes or more without pressing the spin button consecutively. Because the chances of getting multiple prizes or jackpots are more than people who can only play for 10-15 minutes or spin only 5-6 rounds.

Don’t ignore the classic slots.

It’s true that new slot games have a lot of features to play. But it is also difficult to pay the rewards. The more lines there are, the slot more payouts are. The chances of getting rewards are also less. Unlike traditional slots that only have 3 reels, 5 reels, and 3 rows, they have more chances to win. because the pay line is less

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