Pet Health Insurance – How Many People Take Insurance For Pets?

Most people have an idea of the benefits of pet health insurance, but how many of them actually use it? A study showed that only 35% of dog owners actually use it, and most of them are young, educated pet owners. These owners might not need the peace of mind or backstop that insurance provides, but they may have to make an expensive medical decision otherwise. Despite these benefits, pet owners who don’t have insurance may end up euthanizing their celebrities agen beloved animals.

Not only do pet owners benefit from the coverage, but their pets are also covered. In fact, according to NAPHIA, 98% of U.S. pet owners have pet insurance plans. Most pet owners have Accident & Illness or Embedded Wellness plans, but 2% of people choose Accident Only plans. For more information about pet health insurance, read the articles below. You may be surprised to know that there are many other benefits to pet health insurance.

Pet insurance coverage rates vary by state. In California, 19.2% of people own insurance policies for their pets. The percentages are higher in Sweden and the UK, which each have universal health care. In Australia, only 6% of pet owners take pet health insurance. The reasons for this varied coverage are likely to be due to awareness, availability expotab of options, and availability of coverage. Pet owners who don’t have to pay a high deductible are more likely to opt for pet health insurance.

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