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Should I Play With My Kids All the Time?

Some parents believe that playing with their children should be an everyday activity. Children, however, have negative emotions that may need to be regulated. For example, a child who is crying after a big game might need a bit of a break from the activity. It may be beneficial for a child to play with a parent who is completely present. Children can be very demanding and obnoxious, so it is important to set aside technology and focus 100% on your child.

Playing games with children is a great way to foster physical connection. Try playing a hand-clapping game with your child or singing songs with hand movements. Or, you can play a contingency game where your child presses part of your body and you respond. Another great way to increase physical contact is by co-sleeping with your child. This practice can promote socialization and reduce isolation.

Playing with your child helps create a strong bond and helps resolve conflicts. Whether your child is young or old, play is beneficial for the child, parents, and the environment. When children play, they release the hormone oxytocin, which makes the parent feel good. In turn, this hormone improves parent-child relationships. It also helps parents reduce stress levels. And play is fun! The benefits of playing are too numerous to list here! So, should you spend all your time playing with your kids?

A child needs time to play alone as well as with other children. They crave this time with their parents and feel special. Therefore, parents should spend some time playing with their kids every day. This playtime should include both one-on-one time with each child and group play with all the kids and adults in the house. If you have only one child, consider inviting friends or family to play with them. You will find that this makes the child feel more loved.

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